Carolyn & Ross – Brilliant Wedding Day in Dulwich

Brilliant Wedding Day

The amazing wedding of Carolyn and Ross saw me travelling to... Dulwich in South London! With stunning Dulwich College venue, a super fun wedding speeches and bridal party.. it was a brilliant wedding day!

Wedding Ceremony

It was typical wedding day, which started with wedding ceremony in very old church somewhere close to Croydon, I don't remember now exact place, but it was nice and quiet neighbourhood:) About 80 people, including closes family, bridesmaids, groom mates and friends, gathered in church to witness Carolyn and Ross saying Yes to each other!

Posh Wedding

Once ceremony was over and newlywed were ready to celebrate, the London Routermaster bus took all guests to Dulwich Collage where the wedding reception was held. The Great Hall was the perfect venue for the Carolyn's and Ross's posh wedding day. Everything was just perfect, wedding decoration, round tables, speeches, food, wedding cage, first dance and of course late night wedding celebration.

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Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-01aCarolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-03 Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-10a Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-06 Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-08 Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-10bCarolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-12b Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-12 Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-13 Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-14Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-18aCarolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-17a Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-21a Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-26Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-28 Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-27b Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-35a Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-37 Carolyn-Ross-Traditional-Wedding-in-Dulwich-46a