Charlotte & Leon – Wedding Photography in South West London

Happy Life

Warm and relaxing day in August, somewhere in South West of London, bride is getting ready, make-up, putting on a wedding dress, a glass of champagne. This is just a beginning of the wedding day, ceremony, wedding reception and new happy married life. Before all of that, bride is driven in white Rollce Royce to the All Saints Church in Kingston upon Thames where Leon, her husband to be, waits at altar and looking happier than ever. The whole wedding ceremony don't take long and finally they say Yes, promising happy live with lots of love to each other and family. Now life starts almost from the beginning and from now on they do and think for each other...but before their life gets very serious they go to the wedding venue - Glenmore House in Surbiton to celebrate with their family and friends new state of mind, life and future.

Crazy Wedding Reception

The following pictures are only the small part of all photos I took during the wedding ceremony, wedding reception and as you can see I also manged to take a few pictures in local park. Wedding photo session, as I call it, didn't take long, maybe 15-20 minutes, bride and groom where too happy and too busy and they really wanted to join their crazy wedding reception:)

Hope you enjoy these few wedding pictures and if you do so feel free to contact me just in case you're looking for friendly wedding photographer not only in London but in Surrey, Kent and Essex.