Diana & Thabo – Wedding Photography in Essex

Traditional African Wedding

What a wedding! Definitely one of my favourites wedding events in this season. This time I was invited by Diana and Thabo to their wedding in There Rivers Golf and Country Club, Essex.  Day started as usual, bride was getting ready, groom was already waiting for her, all guests were arriving...I though...traditional African wedding...indeed it was very traditional but... The whole wedding ceremony took easily more than hour and half - the longest I ever attended to;) First registrar officially approved the marriage when Diana and Thabo said Yes! And that was only the first part of the wedding ceremony, second and third part of the wedding event was run by Christian pastor and family members who blessed the newly married couple.

Beautiful Wedding Pictures

From that point the whole day was going as expected, family and group pictures, quick wedding photo session at the golf course and garden, wedding reception, cutting the wedding cake and first dance...and it was already 8.00pm, I though its time to go home, it had been almost 10 hours but...then I see bride and groom in their traditional African outfits on the dance floor showing off their moves:) It was definitely worthy to stay almost two hours longer then expected. During the whole day I was able to take more than 800 wedding photographs, fill up 3 memory cards and produce 300+ beautiful wedding pictures and memories for bride and groom...So if you're looking for the best African wedding photographer in London, Kent, Essex or Surrey feel free to contact me I'm sure I can help you with your wedding photography requirements.

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