Latoya & Craig – Wedding Photography in South West London

Beautiful Couple

First wedding of the new season couldn’t be better. Beautiful couple, perfect weather and wedding venue, so ideal combination to take a few good wedding pictures.

Wedding Photo Story

I always prefer to create full wedding photo story from my pictures, therefore as usual I started from wedding preparation, this time first in the queue for pictures was groom in Millenium Hotel at Chelsea Football Club. Straight after I moved to bride’s hotel which located almost around the corner in Chelsea Harbour. Wedding ceremony was held in Wandsworth Town Hall and I have to admit this was one of the biggest town halls I’ve been so far in London, there was at least five wedding ceremonies happening at the same time. In short I would highly recommend that place to everyone for the wedding ceremony especially when it comes to wedding pictures, there is a stunning Marble Hall which you can see on some of my photographs.

Wedding Photos in Hyde Park

Luckily that day, as I mentioned before, we had a perfect weather so on the way to the wedding venue we stopped over in Hyde Park for a very quick outdoor wedding photo session. Despite very tide wedding schedule we manage to take a few beautiful wedding pictures in park and then we just head off to Willesden Green, for a wedding cake and first dance:)

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