Nitsha & Witek – Autumn Engagement Photography

Is there anything better than colourful autumn in Regent's Park, London? No...unless there is Nitsha & Witek:)! I have known both of them for some time now and I always knew that this is one of the best couples I've met. These two...they're just crazy for each other, there is chemistry, passion and love, it's just a perfect mix:)

Enough of this introduction let me write a few words what we did or what we tried to do. The idea behind this autumn photo session was to produce a few pictures for Charm Churi, a London-based silk specialist, offering premium, 100% natural silk scarves. It was Sunday afternoon, 8th of November 2015, Nitsha & Witek came to Regent's Park with bags full of colourful silk scarves, and we indeed used them all during our pre-engagement photo session;) Weather on that day wasn't particularly good, it was overcast and grey day however the colourful leaves in Regent's Park, beautiful silk scarves and amazing couple made these pictures very unique. Feel free to check some of them below and in just in case you're looking for wedding or engagement photographer you can always contact me.