Victoria & David – Traditional London Wedding

Traditional London Wedding

This was one of many weddings in 2017 and another one in Asia House in Central London, which I like a lot since it a beautiful venue for traditional London wedding. Victoria and David invited me to be wedding photographer during their two days wedding celebration.

Two Days Wedding

First day - wedding ceremony - took place in small and cozy library in Asia House, which was later on followed by small wedding reception for closest family in the nearest restaurant.  On the second day, I had joined Victoria and David for their main wedding reception in The Happenstance Restaurant in Central London just next to to St. Paul's Cathedral. It was definitely one of the biggest receptions in Central London I attended to  so far in 2017 and of course it was lot's of fun, especially during the wedding speeches.

Wedding Pictures

Two days wedding, lots of wedding guests and lots of fun mean one things...plenty of wedding pictures to chose from. I'm not able to present all of them here but if you wish to see more of my wedding portfolio or you're looking for the wedding photography discount please feel free to contact me, I'm here to help:)!

Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-00 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-01 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-02 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-03b Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-06 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-07 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-07b Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-08 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-09 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-10 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-16b Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-14 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-17b Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-20 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-21 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-28 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-29 Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-33b Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-34Victora-David-Central-London-Wedding-Photography-35