My first ever, ever blog post…Actually the second one, the first one was almost finished but my computer crashed and I didn’t manage to click publish button on time:) So this time I will be saving my post more often…

In my really first post I was writing about winter and how it affects wedding photographers. From wedding photographer perspective winter is bad, at least for me here in England, not many couples want to get married during the cold and miserable English weather, so it means less fun and work for me, but it is not actually that bad! I will finally have more time to focus on other things which might or not affect my wedding photography. The plan is simple, work on marketing and advertisement at the first place, and at second place archive all wedding photographs to some external hard drive or cloud.

The first bit of my plan will be challenging since I don’t have any experience in the marketing and advertisement but I will definitely to the best to make sure all people in England know that “Perfect Wedding Photo” exists ;) I know, this sounds like ambitious plan but hey! I’ll try it any way I have nothing to lose during the winter so plenty of time to make sure my wedding photography business and hobby is ready for the next season.

Second part of my plan will be definitely easier, I will just need a few days to archive all final versions of all wedding pictures, sort them accordingly and then sign up for some cloud service so I can back up all these pictures. There are many cloud storage services for photographers I personally prefer Google Drive, but I know some other photographers would probably use iCloud or Dropbox. If you search for cloud service comparison you will definitely find lots of good articles about it. As I mention before I prefer Google Drive, why? Because integrates nicely with my email system, my mobiles, tablets and is very easy to use on PC as well as MAC.

So are you wedding photographer in England or hobbyist photographer and want to share you winter plans? Join me then in the discussion, hope we can learn from each others!